What does CBD stand for?

(How does CBD work? Is CBD safe? What Are the Benefits of CBD?)

Everyone has heard of CBD in this day and age, but what does CBD stand for and what are the benefits of CBD?

CBD is an acronym for cannabidiol, which is naturally found in both the hemp and marijuana plant. Understanding CBD is the key to knowing how hemp oil supplements work and why this compound has influenced so many new studies and products alike.

CBD is a chemical compound which is found in glands of the hemp plant, it is widely known to have an array of natural health benefits. Cannabidiol is pretty much being made into any form possible, which makes it perfect for all age groups. 

CBD contains less than 0.3% THC, THC is the component that will get you high, but as CBD contains such a low amount, there is no chance of getting high or feeling any possible cannabis-related effects. What you will get from CBD is a natural way to help treat and manage a variety of health issues.

How does CBD work? (“What does CBD stand for?”)

CBD works by interacting directly or indirectly with the receptors that are in our body’s endocannabinoid system. The receptors are responsible for maintaining several cognitive functions and physiological functions. 

Is CBD Safe? what does CBD stand for

CBD is often questioned as to whether or not it is safe, studies have shown that CBD is safe and there are no long term effects and no known problems with taking CBD. 

There are a few negative factors which people have said they get, such as a dry mouth, some people say they get tired from it or can feel light-headed at times, but these haven’t been proven. 

You should seek advice from your GP if you do experience any side effects, or if you are taking medication and feel the need to check that it is safe. 

CBD Derived from Hemp vs Marijuana? 

There are two plants that CBD is made from, the hemp plant and the marijuana plant. 

The hemp plant is grown mainly for its seed and fiber source; hemp plants look different to marijuana, they are skinnier and more sparse. 

The marijuana plant is full of foliage and thick looking; they are usually grown for the intoxicating properties that get people use to get a high. 

It doesn’t matter which of the two plants the CBD is sourced from, it is the same when it comes down to the molecules. CBD is CBD, regardless of whether it has come from hemp or marijuana. 

What are the benefits of CBD?

There are so many “potential” health benefits of CBD (although cannot be proven). Even though CBD is unjustly frowned upon by some, you can’t deny the health factors of CBD. It is also becoming more and more used and widely accepted. 

One of the known but not yet proven benefits of CBD is to help with sleeping, or insomnia. There are many reasons that people struggle sleeping, too much on your mind, a stressful time in your life, or maybe a particular health condition; Whatever the issue is, CBD may be beneficial. 

Natural Pain Relief and Chronic Pain

Which will help so many people, and will mean no more artificial painkiller taking. It’s known to be an anti-inflammatory, which again “may” help with certain pain, like joint and muscle pain. This can also help you to sleep better if you struggle due to pain. CBD “might” help with muscle spasms, pain when walking due to cramps and aching of the body. Because of the anti-inflammatory factors of CBD, it has potential for helping people who suffer with arthritic conditions. 

MS (multiple sclerosis)

Cannabidiol may help reduce pain and side effects of MS (multiple sclerosis), spasms, cramps, pain when moving and walking and with pain when resting. All of these potential benefits could lead to a better nights sleep. 

Seizure & Epileptic Benefits

CBD has potential to reduce seizures in some epileptic cases. This means that people living with epilepsy can have a positive life without having to put up with and deal with the awful side effects, which will increase their well-being.  

Neurological Health Benefits

May have a positive effect on all neurological health problems, reducing inflammatory and helping with overall pain. So many have made claims that it has changed their lives, helping them to sleep, and to carry on with their day to day lives without awful side effects of health issues. 

Mental Health Benefits

CBD doesn’t just have the potential to help with an array of long term health problems, but also with mental health issues like anxiety. CBD has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression, as well as other cognitive problems. It may help with anxiety sufferers to sleep, CBD reduces nightmares, negative thoughts, and can help with PTSD. 

Cancer Symptoms

It has also been thought that CBD can help to relieve symptoms that cancer gives, such as nausea and pain. CBD may reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. 

There are so many other health benefits that CBD has to potentially offer; it may help with heart health, acne, psychotic problems, drug-related relief, and that is just a few of the other benefits.

Different Types of CBD products what does CBD stand for

There is such an array of different types of CBD products; they come in all sorts of forms. 

  • CBD Capsules are an excellent way to use as supplements and add them into your morning routine. 
  • Concentrated CBD which is usually the strongest dosage of CBD. It comes in liquid form and is convenient to consume.
  • Topical CBD such as lip balms, lotions, creams, and many more, these are becoming more popular, especially in the beauty community. Topicals can be used directly on the affected area such as acne areas or as an anti-wrinkle cream. Topical CBD can also be used as targeted pain relief when it is applied directly to a pain area. 
  • Spray, which is obviously a spray form of CBD, they tend to be the weakest form of CBD. Spray CBD is used by spraying into your mouth, similar to concentrate CBD. 
  • Vape Oil/Juice; vaping CBD has been said to be on the weaker side when it comes to the actual effectiveness of CBD benefits. 
  • CBD oil is by far the most popular of the CBD products, you put a few drops (each CBD oil will tell you how many to use) under your tongue and will absorb in and then the benefits will soon kick in. 

Overall, there are so many benefits of CBD, health benefits, sleeping benefits, and beauty benefits. CBD is a safe and natural way to increase your health without any nasty side effects. There is a type of CBD product for any person out there wanting to try it. 

Where can I purchase CBD oil?

You can buy CBD oil online with Overth CBD or click here to reach out to us directly for more information on products, dosage and common ailments.