Hemp Oil vs. CBD: Understanding The Difference?

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With so many different types of oils out there, it is tricky to know which ones are beneficial for your health, and also what each oil is. Understanding hemp oil vs. cbd is crucial in deciding which product solution will ultimately be best suited for you. Here, we are going to go in-depth and explain to you what hemp oil is, what CBD oil is, all of its potential benefits, as well as some other additional information that will help give you a better insight into these wonderful oils.


So, what is Hemp Oil ?

Hemp oil is the oil from the seeds of the hemp or cannabis plant. The oils are released when the seeds have been crushed, that’s why you may hear some people calling it hemp seed oil.

Hemp seed oil is full of essential fatty acids which we need in our diet as our bodies don’t naturally create these oils, hemp oil contains more omega 3 ; 6 than all oily fish, and it tastes better! Hemp oil has a low saturated fat content, but is rich in polyunsaturated fat (the fats found in nuts, seeds, and fish), it is also full of vitamins and minerals, especially full of vitamin A ; D.

Some of hemp oils health benefits “may” include:

  • Might help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol
  • May help to prevent heart attacks;nbsp;
  • Might help reverse hardening blood vessels;nbsp;
  • Hemp may improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin
  • Might help skins health
  • May support a strong, healthy immune system
  • Has a range of antioxidant effects


What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is a compound that is found in certain glands of the cannabis plant; it is also known as cannabidiol.

CBD oil is known for its potentially fantastic health benefits, even life-changing benefits. It may stop seizures in some instances of epilepsy, and with further tests and studies, it has been shown to potentially have anti-anxiety, anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, and many more ‘anti’ health properties.

The way CBD oil works is by interacting either directly or indirectly with receptors located throughout the body’s endocannabinoid system. These are responsible for conserving a number of physiological and cognitive functions; this can include things such as our memory, inflammation of the body, our mood, and many more. This is why CBD oil has so much potential for health related benefits.

Here are some of the “potential” health benefits of CBD oil:

  • Anxiety relief 
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Stress relieving
  • Neurological benefits
  • Natural source of pain relief
  • Can be used a cancer preventer

Full and broad-spectrum CBD oils also have something which is known as the entourage effect. The entourage effect is the name given to the benefits you receive when consuming all of the compounds of the cannabis plant together, rather than one at a time. There are hundreds of compounds present in full and broad-spectrum CBD oil; these other compounds allow CBD oil to work more effectively in the body.


Hemp vs CBD oil, what are the similarities?

As you can probably tell from what you have already read, both hemp oil and CBD oil have been shown to potentially have a vast array of health benefits, which may be beneficial to all ages. With mental health problems becoming more spoken about, it is no wonder that these oils are getting more popular.

Both of these health beneficials are oils from the same plant, the cannabis plant, or a hemp plant (both plants are in the same family). They are both natural oils with many potential well-being factors.


Hemp vs CBD oil, what’s the difference?

Even though hemp oil and CBD oil are both oils and derived from the same plant, they are both used in different ways.

Hemp oil can be, and is, used as a cooking oil and as salad dressing; it is used in cooking to enhance flavor and obviously for the health benefits. Hemp oil can also be taken orally as a health supplement, instead of taking numerous amounts of other tablets to get that goodness! But, saying this, hemp is more of a preventative rather than a treatment.

CBD oil, on the other hand, can’t be cooked with and is only taken orally as a supplement, and is used as an alternative form to potentially manage many different physiological and cognitive illnesses and behaviors. So you will tend to actually see a more noticeable difference in your ‘problems’ when using CBD oil, as hemp oil you will only see those benefits if you suffer from things such as bad skin, but long term you will feel the benefits.


Hemp vs CBD oil, what’s the best for me?

As you can see, both Hemp oil and CBD oil may have incredible benefits when utilized properly. Whether it be cooking, immunity, antioxidants or anxiety (among an abundance of others) Hemp and CBD is definitely a more than viable option to add to anyone’s daily routine.

Overall, hemp and CBD oil have a lot in common; they both have the potential to be an incredible addition for improved health.


Where can I buy hemp extract?

Hemp extract can usually be found anywhere you would purchase essential oils. Look in your local natural food stores, some pharmacies and groceries, or online. Doing your own research on reputable brands before shopping is the best way to purchase.

We personally like healthline. Take a look at some of their reviews on hemp oil.


Where can I purchase CBD oil?

You can buy CBD oil online with Overth CBD or click here to reach out to us directly for more information on products, dosage and common ailments.